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Spring Semester Extracurriculars

1/14/2014 Journal Entry

As soon as spring semester starts I’ll be continuing my goal to be a nursing major with only 3 semesters left of classes, with clinical classes this semester on Monday and Wednesday at Valley Hospital and regular nursing classes on Thursday and Friday bordering lunch time. 

I have to do work as recruitment chair for my fraternity in the first few days of school…
I also have to deal with Interfraternity Conference (IFC Representative) meetings being scheduled right after my clinical on Mondays, the meetings are repetitive and deal with the huge lump of thousands that we call a budget and what to do with it. Then there’s the E-board IFC which is a different story…
I’m also E-board Secretary for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) with meetings on Thursdays, my mom gave me a weird look when I told her about this, let’s see how it goes. 
…and I’m one of the founders of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Club, and E-board treasurer. The paperwork and the constitution is in a submit-able draft for it to be recognized and put up on the school website next year. 
… and I’m E-board Communications Chair for College Democrats… 
where I can do liberal shiz and be progressive and whatnot.

And then there’s my easiest club meeting, FASA, where I just sit and enjoy Filipino culture as part of the general body and enjoy the fact that I’m pretty much sitting in a room half-filled with people that I’ve known since high school, because I knew them IN high school. 

College in general is busy, but manageable, but why do I deal with stress when I don’t need to? Why should I put so much effort in building a solid resume when it doesn’t make any difference in my future career?

My mom set up my job for when I graduate. I’ll be working at Mount Sinai, half an hour over the GWB. My starting salary will be $85,000 with annual raises. I will have a regular 9-5 work day. This is what I get for having both my parents working in the same hospital network and having connections. Nothing I do in college aside for attaining a bachelors of science in nursing matters for my career. Nothing. All the organizations and positions that I’m in would be what a normal nursing major would need to get the job that I’m automatically given. They say I have the job as soon as I graduate and all the work I’m doing is a waste of my time, and it’s a privilege to have a helping hand in life. 

I realize that everything has been a helping hand. All the E-board positions that I hold, I was never elected in. I just became good friends with the right people who bypassed me through the voting system.
My grades in classes are nothing where they should be. I should have failed by now. I just ended up being handed nearly completed study guides for every single exam that I filled out the missing bits and pieces so I knew it all, and I became friends with the people who I would regularly meet up in study groups. I would end up knowing the answers to the exam based on what they knew and what they wrote down, not what I tried to find by studying on my own.  

…I guess that’s why I am, where I am. I am not anything without those around me helping me, and in return the right thing to do is to help them. That’s why I do things, because people have done things for me. 


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